Scales of War

A Letter From Eoffram Troyas

To the First Foreign Legion of Brindol


It has been a short time since you have recently visited and then left Brindol. The populace had erupted in anger at the burning of the Hall of Valor because of the people after you, but time will heal those wounds. We are slowly receiving words from outlying towns and villages speaking of members of either their population or neighboring ones who are returning from some long forgotten fortress, Fortress Graystone is what I believe they call it.

With the news of more heroics on your part I know the people of Brindol will once again receive you with open arms. I wish to thank you for turning out to be all that I expected and more. Many of the council members still do not see adventurers or “mercenaries” a viable source of getting jobs done, but the impact you have made all over the Elsir Vale has helped change some minds. I hope that you can stay as safe as possible, though in your line of work I know that is neigh impossible. I also mourn the loss of the ones you have had to leave behind in your travels.

Denkstrum had also been through the town on his way to the Feywild I hear. He had served Brindol well before and will hopefully continue to help your party even though you may be parted for the moment. Do not forget your beginnings and continue to uphold the honor in which you currently work under, bringing a good name to adventuring groups.

Sincerely, Eoffram Troyas


Alain folds the letter, and places it in his bag after reading it aloud to the First Foreign Legion of Brindol.

“This might not mean much to those who have not met Eoffram Troyas, but he gave us our start. So let’s continue to honor the town of Brindol, and not bring shame down upon a good man, and a good place.”

And not tarnish the memory of those that gave their lives for the Elsir Vale…

A Letter From Eoffram Troyas
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