Scales of War


The End Is Here

Fading, blinking away the last light of the room Alain could see the bodies of his allies laying still in the vault. Bruukun lay atop the trapped floor with his throat slit and a pool of blood spilling out from him freely across the ground. Harhark laid near by, still breathing for the moment but with two of the Quicklings and the Harpy still alive his time must be short. From farther north in the room a moan escapes the lips of Roogan who is slightly twitching in unconsciousness, dreams of the pain being inflicted to his friends running through his closed eyes. Trel’wyn lay on the ramp, motionless, too far away, helpless. Alain was holding out hope that Cirion Carn may rescue them all but then a fear creeps into his mind of the remaining trolls and what they could do if they decided to rush the entrance with only Cirion guarding it.

That is the last he remembers as the darkness over takes him, and thus ends the chapter of the First Foreign Legion of Brindol. Dreams take the party to better locations as the guiding spirits of Avandra bless the lost souls for the effort they put into life. To each mind comes the peace of a location and loved ones which are familiar and soothing, the soft whispering of a feminine voice drawing them deeper into their resting places.

With the First Foreign Legion of Brindol gone, the city of Overlook was slow to see the threat that General Zitherun presented. As a combined force of mercenaries and Trolls attack the city from the outside and from within, most of it burns to the ground and the citizens that survive scatter to the winds. The Elsir Vale slowly starts to fall, slaves being taken and outsiders setting up a base camp within the material plane. Eoffram Troyas sends a letter on a messenger after Denkstrum who finds the corpse in the Feywild a couple weeks after he should have. In the letter Eoffram explains that his old party has gone missing, that Overlook is lost and that soon Brindol will be taken. By the time Denkstrum receives the information it is too late, and it seems that the lands will need a new generation of heroes to eventually rise up and overthrow the mantles of slavery and once again let the people walk free… Someday. But that is another story, for another time.


AKBanse AKBanse

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