Scales of War

Into the Belly of the Beast

After recuperating for the bloody day in the Venersta catacombs. Harhark awoke refreshed and anxious to rescue the captives. His party, good company in adversity, also were hungry for victory. Kicking in the door to a room and sacking the hobgoblins within a captive was found, a girl named Galissa an acolyte of Ioun! The mysterious tomb in which she was imprisoned contained strange sarcophagi, the contents of which were bountiful. A gleaming mail shirt of the finest craft, looking to be dwarven manufacture, was given to Harhark…fitting nicely the armor is the finest the tiefling has ever seen, a truly proud treasure. Surging down the catacombs like warrior gods Harhark and his companions jumped a large, lone, heavily armored hobgoblin…possibly Simrut himself. Shouting encouragement Harhark lead the battering of the hobgoblin and it was crushed under the deft blades and furious magics of the fury filled party. The large and dead hobgoblin carried maps…plans of an evil plot…maps of the city Brindol, the great hall, and a letter revealing an evil alliance with whites. As a trophy Harhark took the gauntlets from the beast…from another sarcophagi were healing potions. Following the catacombs a large hall became a melee against a small host of undead…intelligent and cunning. Throwing his javelins from behind his fellows (as the shifty undead blocked our way) two of the shafts were driven half through their decaying bodies. The undead fiends were quickly dispatched. Exploring further into the Venersta catacombs revealed a mystical pool of shifting visions that reflected different rooms within the catacombs. Racing deeper into the dark halls brought the party face to face with the terrible whites. Teamwork and courage quickly defeated the menacing undead…but it is further in these dark halls that he party must travel to free the captive townsfolk and thwart the revealed diabolical plot. Alaine uncovered a glimmering bastard sword of some amazing properties while Denkstrom rescued a brilliant longsword…soon both blades will reveal their true value as the party continues….


AKBanse RedWinter

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