Scales of War

Into the Dark

Harhark and his new companions strong armed their way into the Rivenwar castle. The hobgolins fell before his blade as we maneuvered and stalked from room to room. After withstanding repeated assaults when every member of Harhark’s party was near drawn out, a fickle Eladrin investigator from Brindol whom joined the party delved too deeply into the castle’s lost corridors. Firebrand serpents, ghosts, and cunning hobgoblins almost finished the party as they rescued the fey. After sacking most of the accessible catacombs of the Rivenwar family hall it was a key to the door baring their way that lead the party back down the catacombs of the Venersta family. The rescue of the Eladrin left the party near breaking, for safety Harhark and his companions retreated to the strong defenses of ruins outside the castle. It will be a harsh dish these battle hardened adventures will dish out when they re-enter the catacombs.


AKBanse RedWinter

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