Scales of War

Of time past, again we quest

Much has happened since the passage of Eris, Gensai Invoker of Gods. New companions met, a new quest upon us, glory and honor is ripe. In crushing the Orc menace we gained the assistance of a mysterious Dwarven Shapeshifter, Roogan. His valor is battle has proven worthy and his companionship true. I do not understand his connection to nature or his powers but the Dwarf is a master of great powers but however reckless…his connection to the lost Farstriders is suspicious but in battle he has proven loyal. He fought with us in a great chamber against a powerful Orc onslaught, shamans, orc champions, and an ogre. The chamber was a great trap and filled with boiling water killing Dalan Ra. Fortunately, the infernal ancestry in my blood spared me the pains of the heat while I carried an almost mortally wounded Alain to safety. It was a feat of heroics from everyone that snatched victory against the orcs at that moment. Denkstrom was resourceful enough to get the water going and deft enough to stop it from killing everyone.

Since then we have also gained the patronage of a stony giant. A strange traveler of immense size and brutishness born from the very stone of the earth. This Feremore has joined us in battle and proven a deadly warrior. His relation to Dalan Rah matters less to me than his willingness to follow in his footsteps as a party companion. Also an Elven blademaster, of some priestly assassin cult possibly, has claimed to be an acquaintance of Eris’, taking the Elf on his word is good enough be he true and brave. His assistance in battle has been equally as potent as the large goliath. With our party renewed our enemies shall be quaking with fear, our band will find greatness, glory, and honor as long as we remember the sacrifices of those past and the noble intentions of true heroes. It is sad having lost another companion, now only Denkstrom and Alain remain from the original party but it is humbling to see our quest taking a life beyond ourselves. I did not know Dalan Rah before our questing, he was a curious gnome of some charisma but the measure of his character has been proven in loyal in combat. May the dead carry on through our deeds as long as they be just and glorious.

It is to Alain and Denkstrom that I now lean to for advice and council. Those two are the core to the original party as we quested. They were companions with others before we joined together to quest in Brindol. Alain’s reserved nature provides an intensely observant contrast to Denkstrom’s careful and suspicious attitude. Being careful not to trip up on conspiracy or doubt the noble intentions of others I must assert my moral compass in mutual leadership if our warrior band is to be anything more than a gang of thugs. It is not for simple glory that we quest, it must to sacrifice for the good of others that we quest. Sacrifices have already been made, more will certainly come, those that survive will truly be worthy or greatness. My dreams of joining the ranks of a lord or knight are still alive. Every old soldier has his doubts but the death of those lately are weighing heavily on my mind. Also, the blade I carry has a taste for blood. For every fallen foe my blade surges life into my veins, a thirst is growing in my soul for death and my mind trembles at the tugging of infernal lusts. Maybe the time for settling down is approaching, can I pursue the road to honor if I lust for death? A new battle has begun in my soul, this cannot weaken me from my duty to my companions.



AKBanse AKBanse

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