Scales of War

Outreach, city in peril

A call for arms arrived from the city of Outreach. Recovered and refreshed Harhark and his companions have heed the call and set our by foot to reach the distant city. En route the party passed local militia men, small villages, as well as some long abandoned towns. The sounds of battle met the party’s ears just in time destroy an Orcish raiding party attacking an adventuring party…the Free Riders. The parties traveled together to the city. Mighty 100ft tall walls dotted with 5 great towers surround a massive slum. At the monastery of the town a war meeting was held to recruit assistance in taking on the impending orc threat.


Just a heads up on things that might have been confused. The city is called Overlook. You meet in Caer Overlook which is just a high walled fortress and were tasked with going to the Monastery of the Broken Chain which is 20 miles SW of Overlook to warn the priests there.

Outreach, city in peril
AKBanse RedWinter

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