Scales of War

Rescue, the beginning.

Harhark and his companions delved into the last depths of the ancient ruined castle. Battling more hobgoblins as well as dire drakes they managed to rescue several captured citizens and most of the loot taken from the great Hall of Brindol. The reluctant councilman was pleasantly surprised at the party’s return and the rescue of the missing items and villagers. Harhark stood proud to accept the reward and the kind gift of a journal. As a arm-chair historian he plans to record the exploits and adventures as he travels. There is obviously a greater danger a foot and the councilman knows danger broods on the horizon. While the party is relaxing for the moment and recuperating Harhark while taking the time to relax can’t help but have a lingering feeling that something sinister is about to occur.

Through the ruined castle many ancient artifacts were uncovered and taken as prize by the party. Amongst the treasure was a truly malignant broadsword, a life-drinker. Dark and wicked the blade shall prove formidable in the hands of the red warrior.


AKBanse RedWinter

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