Scales of War

To end a dark stirring.

From the great walled city Harhark and his companions ventured forth on their mission for the realm. The group wrestled up the mountains near to the city in search of the monastery hidden upon it’s slope, Moradin’s Watch the destination. The gates to the lofty monastery was ajar and inside the courtyard many orcs met Gruumesh. Hacking their way through the orc host that has occupied the venerated monastery the group slew an orc shaman. The orcish forces were varied and great in number. Many young orc warriors yet to blood themselves in proper combat tried and failed against the fierce party. Several orcs encountered in the depths of the monastery were professional warriors, well armed, well armored, but not mighty enough to withstand the careful and relentless assault. In the depths many dwarven corpses were found, all slaughtered, some being cannibalized by the monstrous orcs. Harhark charged into a lower chamber and stood stunned under the fierce visage of Durgan Fellfist’s stone carven image battling the legendary hydra. Truly the monastery must be a holy site to contain what could only be the lost tomb of the legendary dwarven hero. Despite the carnage and blood covered gear the party has only made their way through a portion of the monastery. The orcs that have desecrated this dwarven temple will pay the ultimate price for their transgression if Harhark has anything to say about it.


Mostly good except the your destination is the Monastery of the Broken Chain. All the other adventuring groups were sent off to Bordin’s Watch which is sandwiched between the only easily accessible large road through the mountains.

To end a dark stirring.

Argh. Another bit ‘lost in translation’. Thought it was “Moradin’s Watch”. My bad.

To end a dark stirring.
AKBanse RedWinter

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