Bram Ironfell

A dwarven lord in Overlook


Bram offers the PCs 1,000 gp (half in gold, half in gems) as an upfront payment for undertaking the search for the Karak Lode. In addition, the PCs can claim any other treasure they recover along the way.


Bram Ironfell hired the First Foreign Legion of Brindol to search for an old ancestral mine of the Ironfell clan known as the Karak Load. It had been lost for generations as the great Dwarven empire slowly collapsed in on itself.

“Greetings, Heroes of Overlook. I am Bram Ironfell of the Clan Ironfell and representative of the Elsir Consortium. Your reputations precede you, and for your actions, you have my personal thanks in addition to that of the city. I have a tale I wish to share with you, over dinner and drinks of course.”

“The location of the Karak Lode was known to few even within the clan, and it was thought that all who had such knowledge were lost when the mines were reclaimed by the desert. Even within the clan, Karak is all but forgotten. However, recent events might change that.”

“The destruction of Sarshan’s operations in Overlook saw the shadar-kai’s many warehouses and transit points raided. In one of those raids, the watch uncovered documents connected to Sarshan’s operations, including an ancient fragment of parchment. On it was written a list of landmarks and bearings for a journey, along with the name of Clan Ironfell. I had never seen this parchment before. However, at the watch’s request, I undertook a bit of research into my family’s archives. If what I discovered there holds true, this parchment holds the directions to the Karak Lode.”

“Discovering what became of my kin would end a sad chapter in Ironfell history, but that is not my primary motive in seeking your aid. If the Karak Lode can be found, its wealth offers the means to shore up the defenses of Overlook and the Elsir Vale. However, it is anyone’s guess what manner of creatures might lair there, or what defenses the last of the clan left to guard the mines. This is not a job for the city watch, I fear.”

Bram Ironfell

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