Tough commanding veteran on the hunt for adventure and haunted by fate.


Tiefling Warlord Level 8 Unaligned (basically good but can be very ruthless when necessary)

HP 72 AC: 24 (1 lvl + 2 shield + 3 Dwarven Chainmail) Speed 5 Fort:21 Ref: 21 Will: 17 Init +3 STR: 20 DEX: 10 CON: 10 INT: 18 WIS: 9 CHA: 12 HSV: 18 HS/D: 9

Lang: Common + Giant Intimidate +11 Feats: Durable & Heavy Shield Prof. History +13 Background: Born Under a Bad Sign Endurance +7 Racial Abilities: Infernal Wrath / Bloodhunt / Fire Resistance Athletics +11 Class Abilities: Combat Leader / Tactical Presence / Inspiring Word

@ WILL POWERS: Wolf Pack Tactics : basic attack to tactically shift allies around enemy targets Viper’s Strike : to control enemy movement

ENCOUNTER POWERS: Warlords Favor : powerful and mighty attack that gives a substantial bonus for an ally to strike the target Inspiring Word : shouted commands to bolster ailing allies Surprise Attack : lets adjacent allies attack my target in addition to my 1H attack Aid the Injured *: knowledge of battlefield first aid helps sliced allies stand and fight *Infernal Wrath *: culmination of tiefling rage into a to-hit and damage bonus *Follow Me In: powerful charge attack that inspires comrades to great feats of speed

DAILY POWERS: Lead the Attack : powerful attack gives substantial bonus to hit target to all allies Stand the Fallen : party heal with a 3[W] attack Stand Tough : burst 5 non-HS related heal

EQUIPMENT +2 Dwarven Chain, Large Shield, Broadsword of Light, Longsword, Javelins Boots, Green Tunic, purple mantle/coif, black vest, white shirt

MAGICAL EQUIPMENT Dwarven Chainmail Broadsword of Light

FAVOURED TACTICS: 1) Use Wolf Pack Tactics to shift allies into flanking positions. 2) Use Infernal Wrath and Bloodhunt to give fatty bonus to hit before using warlord’s favor or Lead the Attack.

UPDATE: INTO THE BELLY OF THE BEAST : 03.03.09 : Dwarven Chain Shirt +1 UPDATE: RESCURE, THE BEGINNING : 03.17.09 : Life-Drinker Broadsword +1

Harhark was drafted into the peasant militia during the Undead Wars when he was just a teenager. That was nearly a decade ago. With brick red skin and black hair he stands in sharp contrast to his fellow soldiers…and well most everyone in the realm. He survived the Tiefling purges that started the night of his birth and haunted the lands for years afterwards. Being universally distrusted he was fortunate enough to be raised in the freedom of a small village in the fife of a great knight.

The red Tiefling wears his straight black beard in an ironically devilish fashion, plain strait, and medium length. The hair around and between his horns is kept clean, straight, and long…so long it drapes down onto his armor. Coal black eyes stare out at strangers but there is great warmth that only true comrades can see when they see those hard black eyes. While Harhark is very strong he is relatively tall and thin. He is not bulky or bulging with muscles like so many human warriors. Harhark bears time tested wire tight muscles made for campaigning and endurance.

He has been content to keep the armor he was issued originally as a peasant militiaman. A heavy hide and leather harnass in the traditional fashion bearing the mark of the great lord on the back. He proudly keeps the armor in excellent condition as a symbol of service…many veterans notice the armor. Unlike many humans warriors that already had armor or were drafted into a knights retinue and provided for the peasant militia units were give the bare minimum to fight with. His armor was the first in all the land to be mass made from an assembly so it is the same as the thousands of others issued to the peasant warriors. For extra protection he wears brass greaves and arm guards as well as studded leather skirting.

In battle Harhark carries a heavy wooden shield reinforced with steel strips and backed with oiled leather. A brace of javelins are tied together and slung over his should along with his small bag and hide cloak. On his layered leather wrapped girdle is always his large mighty broadsword…his favorite type of sword. A good warrior is never without a backup weapon and therefore the cunning warrior keeps a sharp longsword over his shoulder in a heavy hide sheath.

Life is not all battle and warriors wear more than battle gear. Harhark, as an aspiring leader of men, carries some finery in a heavily oiled leather sack. He has a purple satin coif, black button-up cotton vest, white gentleman’s shirt, as well as a clean green tunic. His boots are always leather strapped hide saddles however. There is no covering for his troublesome tail. However it has proven to be a good icebreaker around folks with curious children. In battle is seems to be in constant danger of being stepped on.


On the night of the blood moon eclipse Harhark was born and his Tiefling mother died. The squaling babe was given to a priest who fled the city. The night he was born was the night assassins killed the great lord and the first rising of the undead began. Tieflings were rounded up and burnt alive because of their already fragile reputations and the rumor that the murderer was tiefling.

Harhark grew up on a relatively peaceful village outside the fife of a great knight…Lord Malcus Yorbin. His foster parents and the priest provided well for the tiefling. It was on his tenth birthday that his foster father died from a goblin attack while harvesting logs outside the village. On his twelfth birthday his foster mother died from consumption. Upon his fifteenth birthday the manor lord died in battle at the first battle against the necromancer and his undead horde. It was at his sixteenth birthday before leaving to join the new peasant militia that the kind priest who saved him on the night of the king’s death died from an assassin’s poisoned dagger. Since leaving the village Harhark had made a point to leave town and his company before his birthday. Sometimes he returns sometimes he just continues his haunted journey.

The young warrior’s real drive his to earn a position within a great warrior’s retinue. Hoping that his reputation will grow and a powerful land owner will sponsor his services or that a powerful knight will recruit him. Being a tiefling had made it difficult to impress so he has become hard and driven using not only his brawn but his sharp tiefling intellect to be a better warrior, to lead, to command, and become someone.

In journeying Harhark has learned the ability to fall in with new company. To try and let others overcome his strange appearance. His favorite pastimes are soldier’s games…dice, chess, drinking games, and chanting battle songs. While most people expect and see tieflings as merchants, cut purses, and deceivers Harhak stands in strong contrast to stereotypes being little different than any other professional warrior in his lifestyle and social behavior.

When drafted into the peasant militia he was a frightened boy. After surviving a few battles he was carved out or wood. The peasant units suffered tremendous casualties and were little more than minimally armed and armored mobs. With several other strong characters Harhark helped create a formal command backbone to the militia units who took over training and field command from the knights. These early leaders were “The Sergeants”. Eventually the peasant militias were reduced from tens of thousands to a few thousand and absorbed by actual military units. Harhark was promoted to an actual Sergeant’s rank and assigned to Lord Malcus Yorbin III’s infantry. After serving with distinction throughout the last days of the campaigns and driving the undead horde back there was no home to return to…and armed to the teeth with steel and cunning the tiefling set off on the path to adventure.


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