Scales of War

Brindol, mysterious encounter.

After finishing playing captain of the guard for another merchants wagon train to another small trading town Harhark the Tiefling Soldier thought he might find a few weeks quite and a chance to impress a local warlord or knight and make a niche for himself as a full time paid soldier for a respectable landowner. Events in the otherwise insignificant frontier town turned out most exciting.

Parties of hobgoblins and goblins raided the town upon the first night Harhark arrived. Capturing townsfolk and escaping the goblinoids were after slaves…or more. A small band of apparently vagabonds…drifters…probably scoundrels were rounded up after the combat with the goblins and brought along with the former soldier of the realm, Harhark and presented to town councilman and charged with the desperate task of retrieving the enslaved townsfolk from the goblins. Harhark again, spent the night sharpening his sword, oiling his old worn leather armor, and packing rations for another foolhardy campaign.

Being universally distrusted for being a Tiefling Harhark not so much as noticed the wary glances from the party he allied with for the rescue. They were a motley bunch as it was, a gensai invoker…mysterious and strange such a vessel of divine energy and wrath. The gensai was accompanied by a gnome bard and a human fighter. The human fighter, Alaine, at least as a fellow soldier has seen war and knows what it is like to live by the blade. A warrior without a master is just a ronin or a thug. Living by the blade as a masterless wanderer has weighed heavily upon the pride of the Tiefling but being so harshly thought of by race alone as all but closed the paths of opportunity to the unlucky former soldier. Now in this podunk town the opportunity for glory may finally become realized and as a former soldier of the realm Harhark has a personal compulsion of pride as a soldier to defend the residents. Finding enough cunning and enough brute force in new company the Tiefling has weighed in yet again, this time things would be different.


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