Denkstrum's Bio

“If their lips are moving, they must be lying” – Denkstrum, Captain of the Guard, Brindol

Denkstrum was a born and bred Eladrin of the Feywild. While his family was not nobility, they had adventured out into the worlds beyond the Feywild in their youth over a hundred years previous to earn their way and adventure around the land. Denkstrum learned from a young age the art of adventuring and felt the longing in his own heart to live up the adventures that his parents had. The caves of gold, the magical weapons and the rousing heroic stories that made him so proud of his parents. The worlds outside the Feywild sounded idealic to him. He set out at the age of 105 to find his own adventure. His first stop was the town and Brindol where he found the perfect position to find some adventure and start his acclimation to the outside world. Denkstrum became a town guard.

He quickly rose to the rank of Captain of the Gaurd and a well known detective. Denkstrum honed his ability to interact with the other races and began to learn something about this world. It wasn’t all glitery, heroic, and wonderful that he believed. People lied, fought and died for the pettiest of reasons. People stole because they could and he could hardly find anyone that had a moral compass. Denkstrum became disillusioned with the magical world his parents had spoken of. He instead dealt with the scum of the earth everyday. He found everyone lied, schemes hidden in conspiracy, and a selfishness in this world that he thought could never exist. Denkstrum developed a distinct lack of trust in almost everyone and everything.

Denkstrum did befriend one person in the town of Brindol. A Gnome named Dalan Rah that also happened to be a chronic drunk. Dalan Rah was different. He enjoyed a drink, and if a bar fight happened to occur, he wouldn’t take part but would certainly play some good rousing battle music to keep it going. It was almost a game to Dalan Rah. Denkstrum found a warrior spirit within Dalan Rah and a man that while mischievous, would talk straight to him. So began a somewhat friendship that would lead Denkstrum into a keep of the undead near Brindol and then headlong into an Orc invasion. Denkstrum is still mired in the grit and untrustworthiness of the world. While he still sees the conspiracies and plots everywhere around him, he is slowly realizing the comradely and adventure that his parents spoke to him of, so long ago.

Denkstrum Lvl 4 Eladrin Rouge

STATS Str: 14 Con: 10 Dex: 17 Int: 12 Wis: 15 Cha: 14

HP: 37

AC: 17(18 after shifting) Fort: 15 Ref: 18 Will: 16

Trained Skills Acrobatics, Insight, Perception, Stealth, Thievery

Feats: Longsword Finesse, Quick Draw, Distant Advantage

Magic Items: Boots of the Fencing Master Vengeful Longsword +1 Cape of the Mountebank

Denkstrum's Bio

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