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Welcome to the Scales of War!

First Foreign Legion of Brindol

Character Roster:

Gamemaster : Dustin

The party minus Denkstrum…cause everyone hates him and wishes he would just die already….

Character Fatality:
Haladron, Warforged Paladin lvl 1
Eris, Gensai Invoker of Avandra lvl 3
Dalan Rah, Gnome Bard lvl 3
Feremore, Goliath Barbarian lvl 8
Harhark, Tiefling Warlord lvl 9
Alaine, Human Fighter lvl 9
Cirion Karn, Elf Avenger lvl 9
Roogan, Dwarf Druid lvl 9
Bruukun, Eladrin Assassin lvl 9
Tre’lyn, Elf Ranger lvl 9

Home Page

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