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Player Character RPGA # Journal
Dustin DM 100845555 DM Tracking
Matt Harhark 141032013 Harhark’s
Adam Roogan 139657157 ?
Kevin Alain 1213100017 Alain’s Journal
Eric Cirion Karn 141032011 ?
Shane Bruukun ?
Al Tre’lyn 141032014 ?
Aaron Denkstrum Denkstrum’s Journal


Character Portraits

Harhark Roogan
Alain Cirion Karn
Tre’lyn Bruukun

Player Character Went missing…
Aaron Denkstrum Dunesend, leaving only bits of Denkstrum’s Journal behind


Player Character Death By…
Matt Haladron – Warforged Paladin (lvl 1) ... the crushing force of an Ogre’s club in the streets of Brindol
Adam Eris – Gensai Invoker (lvl 3) ... the dual biting axes of an Orc Freak in the entrance to the Vents near Overlook ( Dirge for the dead )
Eric Dalan Rah – Gnome Bard (lvl 3) ... scalding water and the orcish horde in the Nexus ( Of time past )
Al Fermore – Goliath Barbarian (lvl 8) ... the greatsword of a Gnoll in Fortress Greystone who didn’t want to die alone

Haladron Eris
Dalan Rah Feremore

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