Stepping through the shrine room’s arching portal, the first view one gets is of the mercenary settlement and workshops of Sarshan’s known as Umbrafoge.

Umbrafoge is based around Sarshan’s tower with numerous smithies and workshops produce goods for the mercenary bands that collect here. The newest construction was Sarshan’s Foundry, tapping into the shadow magic of the Shadowfell and even some of the magical energies from the Elemental Planes that spewed forth from the nearby volcano. From these magics he was found to be conducting dark experiments to enhance and create creatures of war to further supplement the mercenaries that he controlled.

Umbrafoge is not just a training and housing ground for mercenaries but a full on settlement too populated mostly by denizens of the Shadowfell such as Dark Creepers and Shadar-kai. But with the movement of so many races from all over the Shadowfell and the normal world, it is common to also see other races and even some considered monstrous such as Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, and Hobgoblins. There are quite a few markets for these individuals to work at and where mercenaries can spend their off time to spend their earned gold before the gods see fit to take their life in any coming engagements.

Umbraforge’s Black Shrine holds a portal into Sarshan’s tower, but the main portal was connect to the White Shrine located in the Happy Beggar’s Inn, underneath Overlook.


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